Unlimited distances


A Secure supply chain


Customs experts


Only ones with staff in the port car park with interchange service.

Because we know that transit times are tight and unforeseen incidents common in international transit we want to demonstrate our just-in-time philosophy with a unique service in the port of Algeciras, which features the physical presence of our Port staff to ensure the security of the supply chain at all times.

In-time tracking control or the window to your traffic

Our commitment to the latest technologies and a progressive vision of the needs of our clients has led us to create an application that becomes a real-time link between us, the client and his traffic; all thanks to our Europea IT department.

Customs experts and one of the first companies in Spain to obtain the AEO status.

We handle all kinds of import and export procedures, transparently, meticulously and always according to national and international legal standards, backed by the company, Europea Advisor, specializing in Customs – Tax advice.

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About Europea de Expediciones

Europea de Expediciones was created in 2001 in response to a need of our clients in their customs procedures and operations in their international business lines between the EU and Morocco, and with time has become the benchmark for transparency, legality and honesty, which ensures our clients that their goods can circulate safely outside our borders while meeting all legal standards, however complex and insurmountable they may seem. More and more people rely on our expertise backed by our customs professionals.


Headquarters in Cádiz
Edificio Fénix,
Avda del puerto 2-3ªplta
11006 Cádiz, Spain
Tel:956 206 442
Fax: 956 200 203
Algeciras Office
Avda. Virgen del Carmen, 1- 5ª planta.
11201 Algeciras (Cádiz) Spain.
Tel: 956 589 660
Fax: 956 632 909